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The NBA playoffs got underway this past weekend with Game 1 of the conference quarterfinals....

Las Vegas -

The votes on Tianna Gregory have been overwhelming, so we're gonna leave this Nevada native up for one more day before we close up shop. Still the same question. Which shot do you prefer? I was gonna go bottom left corner, but after studying real close, REAL close, gotta rock the middle shot. Think it was the TATOO that put me over the edge. Had a day to translate the tatoo, and my guy thinks it says, "LOVE ECKS & BACON!" Click and find your fav shot!

Bouncing back on to the NBA hardwood again tonight, and looking at another three team 6-point teaser. Of course I realize (and thanks to a number of readers that have told me) that teasers are not the best percentage plays on the board, but man, they sure are FUN. So, we'll start out in Miami and drop the Heat from -10 to -4 points over the Bobcats. Move to San Antonio, and take the Spurs from -8 to -2 points over the Mavericks. Stay in Texas, jump over to Houston, and drop the Rockets from -6 to a pick'em against the Blazers. Was gonna look at the UEFA Champions League semi-final today with Real Madrid hosting Bayern Munich, but with the GREAT Cristiano Ronaldo possibly not 100%, or fit as they say in soccer, we'll root for Real, but hold off on a wager.

Wonderful day chock full of action across the globe, and, a plus for the bank. Doesn't get any better. Started out in Spain, where Atletico Madrid played to a 0-0 draw against Chelsea, and it cost me $55 bones. Flew to Chicago where the Cubs mauled the D'backs 9-2, and picked up half a Benj. Then it was a sweet three team 6-point teaser on the NBA hardwood. The Pacers kicked it off with a breezy 101-85 win over the Hawks. The Nets covered as an adjusted +10.5 point dog against the Raptors in a 100-95 loss. And the Wizards finished up in OT, covering as an +11.5 point dog on the teaser board with a 101-99 victory. Picked up $60 bones for the three teamer, and after adding a pair of nickels to the bank, and pressing the proper buttons, the calculator says that +$1980 is the current figure.

The 'if you need it' category dropped a notch when the Brewers lost to the Padres 2-1. That put the record at 8-6 heading into tonight's play on the Blackhawks.

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7:00 PM 728Miami-10½-110-10-107-10½-1050
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Charlotte :: Miami)
8:00 PM 730San Antonio-7½-110-8-102-8-1050
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Dallas :: San Antonio)
9:30 PM 732Houston-5½-105-6½-107-6½-1100
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Portland :: Houston)
7:00 PM 734Atlanta186o-110186o-105186o-1100
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Indiana :: Atlanta)
04/24/2014735Oklahoma City-1-105-1½-105-1½-1150
8:00 PM 736Memphis190o-110190o-105190o-1100
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Oklahoma City :: Memphis)
04/24/2014737LA Clippers-1-105-1½-108-1½-1100
10:30 PM 738Golden State214o-110215o-103215o-1100
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (LA Clippers :: Golden State)
7:00 PM 740Brooklyn-4-110-5-1050
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Toronto :: Brooklyn)
8:00 PM 742Washington-2½-105-3-1010
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Chicago :: Washington)
10:30 PM 744Portland0
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Houston :: Portland)
2:00 PM 746Atlanta0
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Indiana :: Atlanta)
04/26/2014747San Antonio0
4:30 PM 748Dallas0
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (San Antonio :: Dallas)
7:00 PM 750Charlotte0
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Miami :: Charlotte)
04/26/2014751Oklahoma City0
9:30 PM 752Memphis0
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Oklahoma City :: Memphis)
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12:10 PM 952Atlanta-162-147-1413
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Miami :: Atlanta)
2:20 PM 954Chi Cubs-105o-125-122-1185
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Arizona :: Chi Cubs)
04/23/2014955San Francisco-1189½o-1109½o-1108bot 8
3:10 PM 956Colorado10o-110-116-108o-1107
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (San Francisco :: Colorado)
7:05 PM 958Pittsburgh-110-115-1150
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Cincinnati :: Pittsburgh)
04/23/2014959St. Louis-140-138-1420
7:10 PM 960NY Mets7½u-1256½o-1056½o-1100
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (St. Louis :: NY Mets)
04/23/2014961San Diego8o-1107½u-1167½u-1200
8:10 PM 962Milwaukee-140-127-1320
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (San Diego :: Milwaukee)
10:10 PM 964LA Dodgers-185-158-1610
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Philadelphia :: LA Dodgers)
04/23/2014965Texas7½u-1257o-1087o-1153top 9
3:35 PM 966Oakland-144-160-1680
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Texas :: Oakland)
04/23/2014967Houston8o-1058o-1058o-1103bot 8
3:40 PM 968Seattle-164-131-1562
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Houston :: Seattle)
7:07 PM 970Toronto9u-125-110-1100
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Baltimore :: Toronto)
04/23/2014971Kansas City7½u-1207u-1107o-1050
7:05 PM 972Cleveland-129-131-1220
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Kansas City :: Cleveland)
04/23/2014973Chi White Sox8½o-1158½o-1238½o-1100
7:08 PM 974Detroit-175-184-1900
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Chi White Sox :: Detroit)
7:10 PM 976Tampa Bay-177-179-1790
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Minnesota :: Tampa Bay)
04/23/2014977NY Yankees8½o-1059u-1209u-1300
7:10 PM 978Boston-118-124-1140
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (NY Yankees :: Boston)
04/23/2014979LA Angels7o-1157o-1107o-1200
7:05 PM 980Washington-125-124-1220
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (LA Angels :: Washington)
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7:00 PM 18Columbus5½u-1205½u-1285½u-1250
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Pittsburgh :: Columbus)
8:00 PM 20Dallas-117-110-105u-1400
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Anaheim :: Dallas)
04/23/201421St. Louis5o-1055o-1055o-1100
9:30 PM 22Chicago-146-140-1450
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (St. Louis :: Chicago)
8:00 PM 26Detroit5u-1275u-1300
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Boston :: Detroit)
9:30 PM 28Minnesota-140-1350
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Colorado :: Minnesota)
04/24/201429San Jose5o-1205o-1150
10:30 PM 30Los Angeles-110o-120-107o-1150
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (San Jose :: Los Angeles)
04/25/201431NY Rangers5o-1155o-1100
7:00 PM 32Philadelphia-115o-115-105o-1100
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (NY Rangers :: Philadelphia)
8:00 PM 34St. Louis0
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Chicago :: St. Louis)
10:30 PM 36Anaheim0
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Dallas :: Anaheim)
3:00 PM 52Boston0
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Detroit :: Boston)
7:00 PM 54Pittsburgh0
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Columbus :: Pittsburgh)
9:30 PM 56Colorado0
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Minnesota :: Colorado)
04/26/201457Los Angeles0
10:00 PM 58San Jose0
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Los Angeles :: San Jose)