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The Golden State Warriors are 9-0 SU and 8-1 ATS over their last nine games with a perfect 7-0 SU...

Las Vegas -

Guys, your DREAM has come true. One of the Brothels in Nevada is looking for PAID testers to rate the girls at the "ranch." YUP, you're getting PAID to check out the menu. Of course, there are stipulations. In an article today in the N.Y. Daily News, according to Dennis Hof, owner of the Bunny Ranch,  "these official 'quality' control testers will not only get paid to have sex with their prostitutes but then will evaluate their performance." He is also "looking for someone who's fun, has some personality and wants to have a good time."  My application is already in the mail. NOT!!!



A guy that owns the D Hotel out here in Vegas, Derek Stevens, dropped TWENTY DIMES, or $20,000 bucks, on Michigan State at 50/1 to win the NCAA title back in December. His payout if the Spartans win would be a cool MILLION. That got me to thinking about the 500/1 price on the Yankees playing the Mets in the World Series. Looking for 10 good men, or women, that would like to put up $200 each, and let it marinate for six months. That's a $2000 stake, and at 500/1, that would return, yes, one MILLION bucks. The split would be $100,000 each, which ain't too bad for a $200 investment. There's one guy I will NOT even ask. No names, but he lives on this page with me, and the letter Q is an important part of his byline. Of course, all of our business would have to be conducted in Vegas where it's LEGAL, so if you're ready for a trip to Sin City, shoot me an Email at,


Threw down two Benjamins on Stanford last night, and the Cardinal gave me a little agita when they let Old Dominion pull within 2 points late in the second half. But Stanford stopped the bleeding and went on to a 67-60 victory. Picked up $200 for the outing, and after pressing the proper buttons, the calculator says that -$195 is the current CBB figure.


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7:00 PM 502Charlotte-4½-110-5½-110-5½-105102
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Detroit :: Charlotte)
7:00 PM 504Washington-12-110-10-105-10-110106
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Philadelphia :: Washington)
04/01/2015505San Antonio-9½-110-10-110-10½-115103Final
7:00 PM 506Orlando202o-110198o-110197o-11091
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (San Antonio :: Orlando)
7:30 PM 508Boston-3-110-4-110-4-105100
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Indiana :: Boston)
7:30 PM 510New York194o-110195o-110194o-11598
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Brooklyn :: New York)
8:00 PM 512Milwaukee191o-110191½o-110192o-10595
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Chicago :: Milwaukee)
8:00 PM 514Minnesota204½o-110203½o-110204o-10599
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Toronto :: Minnesota)
8:00 PM 516Oklahoma City-4½-110-3-110-3-110131
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Dallas :: Oklahoma City)
8:00 PM 518Houston-12½-105-10½-110-10½-115115
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Sacramento :: Houston)
04/01/2015519Denver191½o-110195o-108194o-1156505:19 4th
9:00 PM 520Utah-4-105-5-105-5½-11086
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Denver :: Utah)
04/01/2015521LA Clippers210o-110209½o-110209o-11555Halftime
10:00 PM 522Portland-2½-110-3-110-3-10568
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (LA Clippers :: Portland)
04/01/2015523New Orleans-7-110-9½-110-9½-1052900:01 1st
10:30 PM 524LA Lakers194½o-110196½o-110197o-11029
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (New Orleans :: LA Lakers)
8:00 PM 702Cleveland-11-110-12-1100
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Miami :: Cleveland)
8:30 PM 704Dallas-2½-1050
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Houston :: Dallas)
10:30 PM 706Golden State-12-110-11½-1100
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Phoenix :: Golden State)
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04/01/2015525Loyola of Chicago124½o-108128o-110125o-11063Final
8:00 PM 526Louisiana-Monroe-2-106-2½-110-3-11062
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Loyola of Chicago :: Louisiana-Monroe)
9:00 PM 708Miami135½o-110135o-109135o-1050
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Stanford :: Miami)
04/02/2015709Northern Arizona141o-110141½o-105142o-1100
7:00 PM 710Evansville-7-110-8-102-7½-1100
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Northern Arizona :: Evansville)
8:49 PM 822Kentucky-6-110-5-108-5-1100
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Wisconsin :: Kentucky)
04/04/2015823Michigan State140o-110138½o-102139o-1050
6:09 PM 824Duke-5-104-5-105-5½-1050
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Michigan State :: Duke)
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04/02/20151NY Islanders-123-135-1350
7:00 PM 2Columbus5½o-1105½o-1055½o-1150
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (NY Islanders :: Columbus)
7:30 PM 4Detroit0
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Boston :: Detroit)
04/02/20155Tampa Bay5½o-1105½o-1105½o-1150
7:30 PM 6Ottawa-108o-110-110o-110-115o-1150
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Tampa Bay :: Ottawa)
7:30 PM 8Florida-164-175-1750
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Carolina :: Florida)
7:30 PM 10Montreal-137-130-1400
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Washington :: Montreal)
8:00 PM 12St. Louis0
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Calgary :: St. Louis)
04/02/201513NY Rangers5o-1105o-1105o-1150
8:00 PM 14Minnesota-123-130-1350
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (NY Rangers :: Minnesota)
8:30 PM 16Chicago-164-160-1650
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Vancouver :: Chicago)
10:30 PM 18Los Angeles-310-340-3400
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Edmonton :: Los Angeles)
7:30 PM 52Buffalo5½u-1185½u-1205½u-1204
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Toronto :: Buffalo)
8:00 PM 54Pittsburgh-195-190-2001
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Philadelphia :: Pittsburgh)
04/01/201555Edmonton5½u-1155½u-1205½o-105017:00 2nd
10:00 PM 56Anaheim-315-305-3102
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Edmonton :: Anaheim)
04/01/201557Colorado5½u-1305½o-1155½o-110008:00 1st
10:30 PM 58San Jose-147-200-1900
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Colorado :: San Jose)